Vol. 12, No. 11; November 2023

International Journal of Applied Research and Technology 

ISSN 2277-0585 


Vol. 12, No. 11   |      November 2023 


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 Animal Science


Olaleye, J. O., Ayeni, A. O., Adegbenro, M., Oladayo, T.O., Ewegbemi. O. T., Ajayi, F. E., Olabanji, O. O., Olasunkanmi, M. O. and Agbede, J.O. 

The influence of supplementing graded levels of Garlic-composite leaf meal mix (Soursop, avocado, sandpaper and Gliricidia leaves) in the diet of laying hens on the performance and egg qualities parameters 

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Aremu, J.O.,Ambali, A.L. and Yusuff A.T  


Effects of Gamma Irradiated Moringa oleifera Seed Cake on Growth, Nutrient Digestibility and Blood Characteristics of Broilers 


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Aremu, J.O., Annongu, A.A., Ambali, A.L. and Yusuff, A.T. 


The Potential of Moringa oleifera as Non-Conventional Animal Feed: A Review 


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Diagi, T. E. 


Critical Appraisal of Key Reforms in the Nigerian Public Service 


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Nwankwo, D. I. 


Appraisal of Fiscal Autonomy and Grassroots Development in Nigeria: A case Study of Badagry Local Government (2012-2022)


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Kwasu, I. A., Munai, D. M. and Abdullahi, .H. 


Technological Approach of Packaging Tamarind for Enhancing Its Preservation and Marketing Value in Nigeria


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