Vol 2, No. 10; October 2013

International Journal of Applied Research and Technology

ISSN 2277-0585

Vol. 2, No. 10      |      October 2013

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Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Sociology

Nwosu, F. O., Okorji, E. C. and Nweze, N. J.

Effects of Formal Credit on Livestock Farmers’ Output in Ebonyi State, Nigeria: A Cobb Douglas Approach.

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Ugwumba, C. O. A., Omojola, J. T. and Ozor, M. U.

Comparative Profitability and Determinants of Net Farm Income of Two Cocoyam Varieties in Enugu West Agricultural Zone, Enugu State, Nigeria.

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Bamigboye,  E. O. and Adesoji, S. A.

Relationship of Parents and Teachers towards Academic Performance of Farm Children in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

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Lenka, D. M., Sani, R. M. and Kushwaha, S.

A Review of Stochastic Frontier Model Estimates of Technical Efficiency of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Farmers in Southern Nigeria.

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Ugwumba, C. O. A. and Nwankwo, N. O. T.

Price Variability, Market Structure and Determinants of Net Marketing Income of Land Snail in Aguata Agricultural Zone of Anambra State, Nigeria.

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Ejike, R. D. and Osuji, E. E.

The Role of Women in Sustainable Conservation Agriculture as a Viable Alternative to Traditional Farming Practices in Imo State, Nigeria.

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Nwaekpe J. O., Anyaegbunam, H. N., Asumugha, G. N. and Ekwe, K. C.

Effectiveness of Research Institutes’ Extension Service Delivery: A Case of National Root Crops Research Institute, Umudike.

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Adekoya, O. A. and Sanusi, W. A.

Determinants of Poverty Status among Farm Households in Oyo States, Nigeria.

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Agronomy and Plant Science

Sangotoyinbo, O. A., Alaje, M. A., Alaje, I. V., Nola, M. O., Adeleke, T. O. and Akhideno, L. O.

Effects of Pre-treatment Test on the Germination of Garcinia kola

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Danbaba, A. K., Amadi, C. O. and Mamud, B. A.

Studies of Potato Plant Characteristics and their Effects on Tuber Yield.

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 Animal Science and Fisheries

Duru, S., Dafwang, I. I., Ogundipe, S. O. and Sekoni, A. A.

Evaluation of Three Types of Rice Offal in Broiler Chicks Diet.

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Adeyemo, J. O. and Eniola, O.

Study on the Morphometric and Meristic Features of Anaspidoglanis macrostoma (Flatnose Catfish) in River Ogbese, Nigeria.

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Ibe, E. A., Makinde, O. J., Samuel, I. and Ameh, E.

Effects of Replacing Maize with White Guinea corn on Growth Performance and Nutrient Retention of Broiler Chickens.

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Pest Management

Osagie, I. J. and. Ojomo, E. E.

Partial Purification and Properties of Endoglucanase from Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. elaeidis

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Sanusi, W. A. and Adekoya, O.

Economic and Health Consequence of Pesticide Use in Cowpea Production in Oyo State, Nigeria.

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Idoko, A. F., Adeosun J. O., Ahmed, A., Adamu, S., Ibrahim, R., Mato, A. and Gafura, S. D.

Comparative Analysis of the Nutritive Value of Smoked CatFish (Clarias gariepinus) preserved from Demestes maculatus infestation using Neem extracts.

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Obinwanne, C. O.

Evaluation of Customer Complaints, Management and Retention Strategies of Hotels in Aba Metropolis, Abia State, Nigeria.

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Nwachukwu, A. N.

Evolution of Aquaculture in Nigeria: Potentials, Status and Problems.

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Ememe, O. N., Obike, C. N. and Nwanma, A. C.

Child Abuse and Secondary School Students in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

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Obinwanne, C. O.

Eco-tourism Potentials and Challenges of Developing Pandam Games Reserves into Vibrant Tourism Destination in Plateau State, Nigeria.

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Nwaogwugwu, N. C., Ozioko, O. O. and Ike-Amadi, C. A.

Impact of Vehicle Telematics Technology on the Improvement of Road Safety, Auto-Crash Investigation and Calculation of Insurance Premium.

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