Vol. 7, No. 5; May 2018

International Journal of Applied Research and Technology

ISSN 2277-0585

 Vol. 7, No. 5      |      May 2018

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  Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Sociology

Osuji, E. E., Okwara, M. O., Praise, C. N., Effiong, J. A. L., Tim-Ashama, A. and Agu, C. G.

Sustainability of Agricultural Practices among Farming Households in Imo State, Nigeria.

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Obadimu, O. O., Oluwalana, S. A. and Soaga, J. A.

Socio-economic Analysis and Environmental Implications of Charcoal Production in Southwestern Nigeria.

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Olukotun, O., Danbaki, C. A., Akanni-John, R., Ishola, B. F., Ogunlade, F.T. and Ayodele, J. T.

Marketing Margin Analysis of Digiteria exilis in Jos Metropolis, Plateau State, Nigeria.

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Umeh, A. S. and Onwuka, N.

Proximate Analysis and Sensory Evaluation of Soups Thickened with Grind Almond for Food Security of Families in Abia State, Nigeria.

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Olowoyo, F. B., Nwafor, O. E., Okelola, O. E. and Ezekwe, C. O.

Level of Awareness on Economic Importance of Moringa Oleifera to the Populace of Umuahia, Abia State Nigeria.

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Obidike-Ugwu, E. O., Yahaya, S., Samson, E. O., Nwajiobi, B. and Dass, M. L.

Assessment of the Effect of Climate Change and Urbanization on Flooding Incidence in Jos North Local Government Area, Plateau State, Nigeria.

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 Agronomy and Plant Science

Egbewole, Z. T., Jayeoba, O. J., Falade, L. O., Rotowa, O. J., Kuje, E. D., Ajeibi, J. O. and Mairafi, H. H.

Vegetative Propagation and Early Growth Assessment of Araucaria heterophylla (Salisb.) Franco.

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Ojelabi, O. K, Afolabi, J. O. and Isola, J. O.

Influence of Organic Amendments on the Growth of Nauclea diderrichii (De Wild.) Merr. Seedlings.

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Odeyemi, S. A. Ovuike, O. O., Ajere, U. A., Ezekwe, C. O. and Ugwu, R. A.

Preliminary Investigation Effects of X-Irradiation on Germination and Morphological Parameters of Dennettia tripetala Bak.f at Early Growth.

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Yisa M. N., Dikko H. G. and Shaahu A.

Application of Cultivar Performance Index Analysis on some selected Rice (Oryza Sativa L) Varieties.

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 Applied Science

Shittu, M. O. A., Haruna, Y. E. and Linge, C. M.

Kinetic Study of Biogas Production from Anaerobic Co-digestion of Groundnut Shell and Sugarcane Baggase with Cow Dung.

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Egbewole, Z. T., Rotowa, O. J., Kuje, E. D. and Adedeji, C. A.

Durability Assessment of Vitellaria paradoxa Wood Specie Exposed to Biodegradation Agents.

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Adegoke, I. A., Adejoba, O. R. and Adesope, A. S.

Potentials of Briquetting Production Technology toward Sustainable Energy Development in Nigeria.

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